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Your intelligent office in the cloud: create your company’s intranet, projects, private client areas, share files, manage your tasks, calendars, contacts and much more. And it’s all gamified: your team will not only work there, they will enjoy it!

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The intranet that your company needs

  • 100% private and secure
  • Share large files with your teammates
  • Create tasks and keep track of your progress with real-time tracking
  • All your conversations in a single place. No more emails
about emails
Manage and interact
with your clients

Private client areas

  • Give your clients access to private areas where you can share anything: from newsletters to confidential documents and invoices.
  • Install Toolea's plugin on your own website so your clients could access their private areas directly from there.
  • Eager to know more? Learn more about client areas here

Unlimited projects

Create as many projects as you want, with suppliers, members of your team, partners and anyone you want: manage communication, file sharing and private areas, all easy and secure. Yes, you heard right: as many projects as you want :)

team members
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Desktop

Access from any device

Toolea has a completely responsive design so you can work from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, Toolea will just adapt to the size of your screen. Forget about having to go to the office just to answer an email!

Tasks, calendars and much more!

On Toolea you and your team can find all the tools you need when working online. The task manager lets you create simple or complex tasks, individual or group ones, while also allowing you to add as many details as needed for your projects to run perfectly smooth.

Filter your tasks
and mark them as done